Intro to Acupuncture

According to the Chinese concept of anatomy, there are 14 channels running over the body, each representing an organ.  Here the kidney channel and the acupuncture points on this channel are shown.

Acupuncture is an ancient art of healing.  It has been used extensively in China for more than 5000 years.  It is a treatment that can restore imbalance in the body's energy forces.  Our body is not only made up of skin, muscles, bones, veins, nerves, and organs.  It has energy flowing through all the time and without energy nothing in the body will work ......

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Why should I try acupuncture and does it hurt ?

 It's very Safe and Effective!   

By properly inserting these hair thin filaments into the proper acupuncture points, many or most cases of pain or dysfunction will improve or disappear completely. Often, we can help not only with the main problem you came in with, but other health issues you may have thought couldn't be helped. Drugs and surgery can be life saving and necessary treatments.......

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What kind of conditions are amenable

Acupuncture treatment treats most of the ailments, the common ailments are:

Low Back Pain, Arthritis,  Sciatica, Sport Injuries, Neck, Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow, Osteoarthritis, Muscle Strain

Strokes,  Low libido,  Impotence,  Lose weight,  Candida,  Gastro problems, IBS,  Gastroptosis, epression,  Chronic Fatigue,  Insomnia,  Acute tonsillitis

Stress Control,  Hypertension,  Migraine,  Headaches,  Menopause,  Infertility, Tinnitus, Sinusitis,  Oedema,  Acne, Diabetes,  Quite smoking,  Immunity Disorders, Uterine endometriosis,  Premenstrual syndrome,  Urinary dysfunction,   Etc...

How does acupuncture work and how long each treament take ?

Most everything that happens in your body is occurring because neurons are conducting electrical signals between the brain and every cell in you body. Your body is magnificent at keeping itself alive and functioning. However, due to hazards such as physical trauma, poor diet, emotional duress, chronic stress, or toxic chemicals, our bodies are not always able to fully self correct. They sometimes need help .......

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended the treatment of 43 sickness by acupuncture

1 Acute Sinusitis

2 Acute Rhinitis

3 Common Cold

4 Acute Tonsillitis

5 Acute Bronchitis

6 Bronchial Asthma ....

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